10 Cheap, Creative, & Fast Halloween Costumes

Are you sick of the same Halloween costume, but out of ideas? Or did the invite to a Halloween soiree come and you have no idea what to wear? Or are you a parent whose kid decided at the last minute that they hated their Halloween costume, or they absolutely smothered it in chocolate hours before trick or treating time? No matter why you’re looking for cheap, cute, and relatively fast Halloween costumes, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been scouring our memories of best costumes ever, the internet, Pinterest, and everywhere else to find fast, fun, and affordable Halloween costumes you can easily put together. The best thing about these costumes is that they work for grown-ups and kids alike and you’ll already have at least some of the supplies lying around the house, or readily available at a thrift, craft, or dollar store near you.

1. Identity Thief

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Time: Less Than 15 minutes

Items Needed: Hello My Name is Stickers (at least 30-40), a marker, plain shirt

Get creative and pick a bunch of names. Write them on the Hello my name is stickers (available at most dollar or business supply stores) and affix them to your shirt and pants. You’re ready to roll!

2. Where’s Waldo Or Waldette

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Items Needed: Red and white striped t-shirt, black rimmed glasses, white and red toque

Time: 15 minutes or less

This can be an individual, couple, or even family costume. If you don’t have a striped shirt, make one by putting white tape on a red shirt (or red tape on a white shirt). Make it authentic by wearing a camera around your neck.

3. 50 Shades of Grey

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Items Needed: A whole lot of paint sample cards in grey, a black t-shirt, tape

Time: 15 Minutes

This costume is for adults, not kids, but is easy enough to make. Go to a hardware store, get your paint sample cards, and tape them to a plain T-shirt. Sit back, relax and enjoy the knowing groans when people figure out your costume.

4. It’s Raining…

via Studio DIY

Items needed: raincoat, boots, tape, string, clear umbrella & magazine or internet search cut-outsItems needed: raincoat, boots, tape, string, clear umbrella & magazine or internet search cut-outs

Time: 30 to 45 minutes.

For Everyone: cut out cute little dogs and cats. Tape them to your strings, then attach them to your umbrella, now it’s raining cats and dogs.

For Adults: cut out photos of good-looking men. Who you pick is up to you. Tape them to your strings, then attach them to your umbrella, now it’s raining men!

5. Google Maps

Image Courtesy of germanpascual.com

Items Needed: Plain clothing, yellow tape, printing labels, a printer

Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Figure out what neighbourhood you want to be and get printing street labels accordingly. Next put on your yellow streets, along with their names, on top of the yellow tape. Bonus points for taping on bus routes or adding on paper point As and Bs.

6. Lego Piece

Image Courtesy of Sugar and Cloth

Items Needed: Cardboard/Bristol board, acrylic paint, egg cups, glue gun, and ribbon

Time Required: 30 minutes – 45 minutes plus paint/glue gun drying time

Lego isn’t just for stepping on in your kid’s bedroom anymore. It’s a simple and easy costume. Select the colour of Lego you want to be. Next cut out a dozen egg cups from a carton and paint both them and the large piece of cardboard the colour Lego you want to be. Once they have dried, hot glue gun them onto the cardboard in the shape of a Lego piece. Hole punch the cardboard and run your ribbon through to tie the Lego piece around your neck. Make your costume really pop by wearing all black, all white, or an outfit that coordinates with the colour of Lego you want to be!

7. A Bag of Jellybeans

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Items Needed: 1 Large clear garbage bag, small assorted coloured balloons 20-50 depending on whether the costume is for an adult or child, ribbons, tape, and paper to print Jelly Belly ‘Logo’

Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Blow up assorted coloured balloons into jellybean sizes. Cut leg holes in your plastic bag and step inside. Fill up with balloons and tie on shoulder straps using ribbon. Tape on your printed or homemade Jelly-Belly logo.

8. A Bunch of Grapes

Image Courtesy of misskaydiy.com

Items Needed: Crown, paper or fabric leaves, balloons, a large t-shirt you don’t care about getting stitched, and a needle and thread

Time required: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Make a crown using a headband or Bristol board, and then decorate with paper or fabric ‘grape’ leaves. Get 10-20 balloons in purple, red or green. Blow them all up to make small to medium sized ‘grapes’ - you’ll figure out quickly what looks right. Next stitch the balloons to your top by threading your needle through the knot you’ve tied in each balloon. A green or black shirt is probably the best bet for the base of your costume.

9. A Bat

Image Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Items Needed: Old black hoodie, old black umbrella, safety pins (or hot glue gun)

Time: 45 minutes

Broken umbrella? That’s perfect for this costume. Cut your umbrella in half and use a hot glue gun or black safety pins to secure it under the arms of your black hoodie. Use black electrical tape to make sure your metal umbrella pieces fold the way you want them to. Bonus points for making little fake ears for the top of your hoodie.

10. Be A Red-Hot Flame or Camp Fire

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Items needed: 1 red or orange shirt, brown pants (optional), orange, yellow and brown felt, orange or red toque or head band, polyester fill, pool noodle(s) 1-2, brown packing tape, grey paint, and glue gun

Time Required: 1-2 hours

The base of this costume will be an old red or orange shirt and a pair of brown pants or leggings. Next get some felt in yellow and orange and cut them into leaf/flame shapes, and one brown piece of felt into a slightly larger square. Next fabric or glue gun them to your shirt in layers (to make your campfire full), with your large square along the bottom. Get some pool noodles and cut them into log sized pieces. Wrap your pool noodle pieces in brown duct or packing tape and glue gun them to the brown base of your flames. Get a red or orange headband or toque, glue gun some polyester fill or cotton swabs to it to make smoke. Dab a light layer of grey paint onto your ‘smoke’.

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