Best Vibrators For Different Bodies

Finding the right sex toy for your specific needs can be a daunting task for many women, but it shouldn’t be. Masturbation is an essential aspect of self-care and self-love, but it’s not always easy to intimately know and understand what makes you tick. Besides the societal shame and embarrassment that women experience, everybody (and every body) is different and responds in completely unique ways for pleasure. Future Female here to make the vibrator shopping experience less intimidating to you, and most importantly, to figure out what your needs are.

Sexual wellness stores can vary significantly from city to city, but we found that Dame Products offers streamlined and accessible vibrators that are easy to understand navigate, with sumptuous materials.

1. The Eva II

Meet Dame’s best-selling product. It’s hands-free, letting you play with other erogenous touch zones, or allowing you to integrate this toy during penetration. The unique design features flexible wings which snugly fit under your labia. This toy is silicone-based and waterproof, with three different speeds that let you cater to your body’s sensitivity. Hands-free still enables you to use your hands, but only needs a finger to stay put rather than the entire hand. A reviewer even calls the toy “marriage-saving,” so it’s worth a shot.

2. The Arc

This fantastic product focuses less on clitoral stimulation, and more on G-spot pleasure. The G-spot vibrator known as Arc features Dame’s most powerful motor to date, and the bulb has a pleasantly squishy texture that is suitable for sensitive bodies. There is a beaked ridge that allows for vulvic or clitoral stimulation, letting you experiment externally before trying out the perfectly engineered internal magic.

3. The Pom

Pom fits in your hand with its versatile shape and five vibration patterns, from those who prefer a deep rumble, to others who want just a light touch. Waterproof, like many of their other models, the Pom is USB rechargeable and affordable option. Flexibility is the name of the game here, with a bending nature that fits to your hip movements while snuggling close to the parts that need it most.

4. The Fin

If you’re looking for a vibrator that feels like an organic extension of your own fingers, this is the intimate touch your body has been desperately craving. There’s even a tether included in this toy, allowing for even more options. Ther’ es a pointier side and a squishier side that you can play with to understand your preferences, and the fact that it feels more like your hand and less like a foreign object is the leading pro here. Great for those suffering from wrist pain.

5. The Zee

Zee is the cheapest option on the Dame site and is a lovely lesson in back-to-basics. The bullet vibrator has been around for ages, and it’s one of the most portable vibrators out there. Unfortunately, they often only come with one speed that is too overwhelming for many users, and experience a shorter shelf life. With this rechargeable version made of soft-touch ABS plastic, the future of bullets is here. It’s simple, easy to clean, and totally compact.

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