I have PCOS.

Written by Kat Leroux

According to pcoschallenge.org “PCOS is a serious genetic, hormone, metabolic and reproductive disorder that affects women and girls. It is the leading cause of female infertility and a precursor for other serious conditions including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and endometrial cancer.”

September is PCOS Awareness Month and I’m here to share my story of my diagnosis.

I was the age of 16 when I got diagnosed with PCOS. At the time, it didn’t feel like a serious diagnosis because it was focused more on getting pregnant, which of course at the moment I wasn’t thinking about. My doctor referred me to an OBGYN and she told me two things. Lose weight and when you’d like to have kids, come back and we’ll help you with that. She prescribed me with birth control pills and even then, I hadn’t taken it seriously with only taking them from time to time because I didn’t have the discipline to keep up and remember.

I didn’t know that my hormones were out of whack, that eating processed food and carbs would make me gain weight because of my lack of metabolism and that my condition was already a pre-cursor to diabetes which also runs in my family.

It was only until a few years ago when I had gained over 60 lbs in a span of a year.

I was in denial of what PCOS was in my body. I went through years of struggling to lose weight, maintain a normal period cycle and had gotten diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

To say that I’ve got a better handle of this now at 32 years old is not true at all. Yes, I was able to have a baby after years of infertility and the help of fertility medication. It has given me hope that it is possible to have a pregnancy with PCOS. Thankfully, it showed my resilience and commitment to achieving this even though the chances were against me.

But I feel like it’s only been until now that I’m starting to realize how serious is and like any condition, it’s an on going process.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a year and a half ago, and went into the emergency room a few weeks ago because of gallstones. My health is nowhere where I’d like it to be and to be honest, it’s taken me until this post to admit that this is what I have.

I’ve been ashamed that at this age, I have all of these conditions due to my PCOS and not treating my body well because of it.

My relationship with food has always been a struggle since I was in my early teens and it’s something I’m working on. I use food to celebrate and to relieve stress and only until during my pregnancy, I felt like this was my chance to treat my body better because it now wasn’t about me. It was for my daughter.

My body is fragile but it’s also very powerful and beautiful. I don’t have it all together, and that’s okay. I know that who I am now has grown so much because of all of this. I’m learning and continuously building myself up so I can be my best self.

Know that you aren’t alone if you’ve recently been diagnosed with PCOS or have been dealing with this for years. There are resources and support out there. All it takes is having the will to share and want to do better for yourself ❤️

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