Mocktails For The Holiday Season

When holiday season rolls around every year, non-drinkers feel a mix of excitement and dread. Yes, we love indulging in seasonal eats and drinks, but at many events, alcohol seems to be the main focus. Whether you're more of a cannabis lover or in recovery, mocktails are the ultimate solution to feeling like the odd woman out at holiday functions. We rounded up the tastiest, most sophisticated mocktail recipes.

Try this take on an apple cider spritzer with this apple cider vinegar infused mocktail. It takes no less than 15 minutes to make and includes a sparkling water base that is made complex by the addition of spices. First, gently heat apple cider with cinnamon, cloves and star anise. Then, fill the glass with ice, sparkling water, and top with your cooled concoction.

While the blueberry might be the star of the summer, the blackberry is definitely the star of winter beverages. In this tantalizing recipe, the author blends blackberries, orange juice, sparkling coconut water with yuzu, and ice. First, muddle the blackberries in a shaker. Then, add OJ, sparkling coconut water, and ice to shaker, shaking to finish and pouring through a strainer.

Blood orange is a gorgeous fruit to use in seasonal mocktails. It adds vibrancy in aesthetic and flavour, and also boosts your immune system, which is necessary in the Canadian winter. For this citrusy mocktail, squeeze the blood orange juice, and then add honey and vanilla. Blend with lime flavoured sparkling water and serve over ice.

This drink is giving us total Martha Stewart vibes and honestly, nothing sounds better or more winter-appropriate than a vanilla-lime ginger ale. Filled with warm, spicy, and sweet notes, this recipe includes a handmade ginger ale with a heavy dose of fresh ginger. Grate ginger with a cheese grater and create a ginger syrup with a bit of water and sugar. Then, make a second syrup with vanilla bean, lime zest, sugar, and water. Blend and stir in fresh lime juice and sparkling water, and you have a chic and iconic formula for years to come.

How could we finish our round-up without a nod to the classic Moscow Mule? This recipe is made seasonal with the addition of tart cranberry. The creator's tip? Freeze cranberries beforehand to keep your drink cold and undiluted. Just remember to leave out the vodka and simply combine cranberry juice, lime juice, and ginger beer for a delectable but simple mocktail. Serve in a copper mug for maximum authenticity!

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